My glorious kitchen

After searching, and searching, and searching… we finally decided on our home. It was listed as “fully renovated” on the MLS. Their idea of renovations are not mine. The bathrooms had new sinks and toilets and the kitchen had new appliances. However, they were all builder-grade, bottom of the barrel, utility pieces. Likewise, the house had been freshly painted a horrid, boring shade of beige. The 1950s aqua and teal tile in the bathrooms remained untouched and the house’s trim was all the original orange-y wood. Worst of all, the formal living area was shaped like a bowling alley – there was no good way to arrange the furniture and the long living room wall blocked the light from the rest of the house. But the neighborhood was great and it was just minutes to downtown. Also, the house had been immaculately maintained by one family since being built in the 1950s. So we called an architect to come in and take a look at a quick kitchen renovation. Fortunately, my long suffering and amazing husband was willing to renovate – probably because he’d never lived through a renovation before. We knew that we wanted to get the most bang for the buck and that while we both had style ideas, neither of us knew how to redesign a kitche. We quickly hired Ink Architecture to come in and help us. Anita King, our architect, was amazing. Take a look at what she had to work with…

Yup – goodbye ugly beige wall with random plubming hook-ups. Hello gorgeous new gas range and hooded vent to the exterior. We took down the wall between the kitchen and the random room on the other side of the wall and turned that into our dining area. We also took out the awful linoleum floors and continued the white oak hardwoods through the dining area and kitchen from the rest of the house. Most importantly, we opened up the wall between the bowling alley and the dining room. This let the light flood through both rooms and made the living / kitchen / dining area into a real open concept layout. Thank you Anita! She did such a good job, Charleston Home + Design Magazine featured it in their magazine in Fall 2012 – these are THEIR photos:


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